Ride With The Lord

Camps at:

   Downey, Idaho             June 24-24, 2018

                 Big Piney, Wyoming     August 6-10, 2018 (tentative)

                 Wells, Nevada              July   9-12, 2018

                  For information on the Wells Rodeo Bible Camp please go to their facebook page.                      You can get the application from that page for that camp.  The ages for the Wells                      camp remain at 13-19. Please check with them for any other questions.



 For beginners to experts
and those with a desire to Ride With the Lord


                                          Ages 11-18

      Includes all rodeo events plus horsemanship and reining

$100 per camper

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South East Idaho Rodeo Bible Camp


Wells Rodeo Bible Camp





Camper Application

Camper application must be signed and notarized.

Camp fee must accompany application.

Registration is limited to the first 50 paid applicants per camp.

Pictures will be taken of the camp and will be posted onto Facebook. If you do not want your picture on Facebook you must tell the camp secretary.

NOTE: Wells and Big Piney has added the Bronc Stock                       Saddle event and Ranch Roping




The camps use High School Rodeo rules as close as possible. We vary is small ways such as Chute Doggin' -vs- Steer Wrestling. The rules are gender specific for male and female events. 

Don't forget the rodeo performance on the last night of camp. It is free of charge for the family and public although there will be an offering taken during the rodeo to help support these camps. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to attend the performance and to be ready to help support these camps.