Ride With The Lord

Camps at:

   Downey, Idaho             June 24-24, 2018

                 Big Piney, Wyoming     August 6-10, 2018 (tentative)

                 Wells, Nevada              July   9-12, 2018

                  For information on the Wells Rodeo Bible Camp please go to their facebook page.                      You can get the application from that page for that camp.  The ages for the Wells                      camp remain at 13-19. Please check with them for any other questions.



 For beginners to experts
and those with a desire to Ride With the Lord


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South East Idaho Rodeo Bible Camp


Wells Rodeo Bible Camp






The ROBO BULL is a new addition!!! It is a remote controlled bucking machine that moves on wheels as it bucks similar to a bull or bronc. It is controlled so that it can acheived an amount of skill appropriate to the rider and can be stopped quickly if needed. 

The ROBO BULL has an interchangable body to be used as either a BUCKING BULL or a BUCKING HORSE.  It can be used for all levels of skills without the intimidation of a live animal.


****A Waiver is required for each rider prior to any activity associated with the use of the ROBO BULL - ROBO BRONC. It must be signed by a parent or guardian of minors.