Ride With The Lord

Camps at:

   Downey, Idaho             June 24-24, 2018

                 Big Piney, Wyoming     August 6-10, 2018 (tentative)

                 Wells, Nevada              July   9-12, 2018

                  For information on the Wells Rodeo Bible Camp please go to their facebook page.                      You can get the application from that page for that camp.  The ages for the Wells                      camp remain at 13-19. Please check with them for any other questions.



 For beginners to experts
and those with a desire to Ride With the Lord


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South East Idaho Rodeo Bible Camp


Wells Rodeo Bible Camp





South East Idaho 

Rodeo Bible Camp

P.O. Box 226

Inkom, Idaho 83245

For the Staff:

       This is an area for those who have a desire           to demonstrate your love for the Lord
through your knowledge to teach a rodeo event  

   Or for those with a desire to teach the campers        Biblical truths as a cabin counselor


These camps are staffed by volunteers who have a committment to the Lord to serve Him through service at the camp whether as an instructor, a counselor, maintenance, or cooking. We ask each potential staff person to fill out an application complete with references.

The purpose of Rodeo Bible Camp is to reach young people with the good news of Jesus Christ and help them grow and serve Jesus while helping them become better cowboys and develop rodeo skills.  As such we seek staff who have a solid commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and who have a desire to help young people know and love Jesus.  This Staff Application reflects this commitment.  We often have positions for staff helpers that could be filled by parents or willing volunteers.  We ask that all staff fill out a staff application.

You must provide your own accident/medical insurance as the Camp DOES NOT provide insurance coverage for you 

Camp is for the campers, thus we ask all staff with non-participating children to arrange for the care of those children at some other location while you serve at Rodeo Bible Camp.  We desire to have our staff able to be focused on the well-being, safety and spiritual development of the campers without being distracted by personal or family issues.

If you would like to serve as a volunteer as Staff for either camp

request an application  by calling

Bruce @ 208-335-2308   or  email: 

 or Laura @ 208-244-2017  or email: